Birthday greetings, Seminar rooms, and Walter

U.S. newspaper headlines on January 13, 2015 were about continuing investigations into the terrorist attack at Charlie Hedbo office, about the dim prospect for immigration reform, and about early political maneuvering in the 2016 presidential race. My personal headlines for the day were a bit different. “Kathy turns 56 today.” “First day of final teaching… Continue reading Birthday greetings, Seminar rooms, and Walter

Reading (and Writing) the Obituary Page

Even when I was young, the obituaries were “must reading” in my local newspaper. I wasn’t a morbid child – indeed, I felt pretty anxious about death (still do, truth be told) – but obituaries aren’t really about death. They’re about lives. As Bill McDonald, obituary editor for the New York Times said, “The obit… Continue reading Reading (and Writing) the Obituary Page

Networks – Now and Then

Ever since I studied structured communication patterns as a graduate student, I’ve had a viscerally negative reaction to “network” as a verb. In this age of social media, though, such usage – and “networking” itself – is largely unavoidable. I’m a bit of a lightweight, but you can follow me on Twitter, like my Facebook… Continue reading Networks – Now and Then