The Japanese Surrender – In Lincoln, Nebraska

8:00 p.m. Thursday, August 13, 1945. Lincoln, Nebraska. Marj took advantage of the brief quiet from the teletype machines and looked around the tiny United Press bureau office. The desks were cluttered with carbon papers, empty Coke bottles, dirty coffee cups, cigarette butts. Editors and reporters throughout the Lincoln Journal building were sleepy, their nerves… Continue reading The Japanese Surrender – In Lincoln, Nebraska

My New Challenge – Creative Nonfiction

I’ve written a lot in the last three decades. My curriculum vitae lists 41 published articles, 21 book chapters, dozens of conference papers, and assorted book reviews and “other” publications. And then there are two textbooks, one that’s one its seventh edition and counting. And my book, War Makes Men of Boys, that tracked my… Continue reading My New Challenge – Creative Nonfiction