The Japanese Surrender – In Lincoln, Nebraska

8:00 p.m. Thursday, August 13, 1945. Lincoln, Nebraska. Marj took advantage of the brief quiet from the teletype machines and looked around the tiny United Press bureau office. The desks were cluttered with carbon papers, empty Coke bottles, dirty coffee cups, cigarette butts. Editors and reporters throughout the Lincoln Journal building were sleepy, their nerves… Continue reading The Japanese Surrender – In Lincoln, Nebraska

The Readers Speak

Readers today do more than speak. They tweet. They post. They share. They comment. They comment on comments. They argue. A lot. AND SOMETIMES THEY GET REALLY MAD. Of course, these readers’ fingers are rarely smudged with newsprint. Though we consume media at prodigious rates, newspaper readership is declining. And most people who do read… Continue reading The Readers Speak