Finding Your People in a Conference Hotel

I got back a couple days ago from the annual conference of the Organization for the Study of Communication, Language, and Gender, held this year in San Francisco. It’s a “boutique” conference – 120 or so women and men gathered to talk about issues that really matter to me. I attended panels considering women and… Continue reading Finding Your People in a Conference Hotel

Mom, Nikki, and the Queen

It was one month before Mom turned 90 – I knew that. It was three months before she died – I didn’t know that. We were in her small photo-lined room in the assisted living facility outside Seattle. Mom was sunk into her blue velour recliner, a hand-crocheted afghan draped over her always-cold knees. I… Continue reading Mom, Nikki, and the Queen

Marriage Musings

My niece is getting married early next month, and my gift to the happy couple is preparing the food for the afternoon reception. I love cooking and have hosted many big parties, but there’s still a lot of prep work involved in an event like this. So this week—while on spring break from teaching—I’m rolling… Continue reading Marriage Musings

mm memo-ries: By and About Margaret

Five days before my mother died, I was the daughter sitting at her bedside when she started talking about “Little Women.” I knew she loved the book – perhaps because she grew up in a time when it was, even more than now, a classic that all young girls read. Or perhaps it was because… Continue reading mm memo-ries: By and About Margaret