Internet Trolls and Patricia Arquette

In May of 1966, Marie Anderson, women’s editor of the Miami Herald, received a letter from an angry reader. It began politely enough (“Dear Miss Anderson”) then moved quickly to the point: It is people like yourself who are making it so easy for the government to take over even the smallest details of our… Continue reading Internet Trolls and Patricia Arquette

The Readers Speak

Readers today do more than speak. They tweet. They post. They share. They comment. They comment on comments. They argue. A lot. AND SOMETIMES THEY GET REALLY MAD. Of course, these readers’ fingers are rarely smudged with newsprint. Though we consume media at prodigious rates, newspaper readership is declining. And most people who do read… Continue reading The Readers Speak

Marriage Musings

My niece is getting married early next month, and my gift to the happy couple is preparing the food for the afternoon reception. I love cooking and have hosted many big parties, but there’s still a lot of prep work involved in an event like this. So this week—while on spring break from teaching—I’m rolling… Continue reading Marriage Musings