Writing about family – Whose story is it?

My mother found a lot of ways to refer to her four daughters during the decades she wrote her weekly newspaper column. Often we were an undifferentiated brood—the girls. When we were specifically called out it might be by birth order, year in school, size, or even Girl Scout rank. So at various times, I… Continue reading Writing about family – Whose story is it?

Christmas (and Christmess) memo-ries

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the blogosphere … Not exactly poetry. But in these final days before the holiday, our feeds on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest (and more I’ve never heard of) are all about Christmas. This year has already provided a bumper crop of new discussions – the racial heritage of… Continue reading Christmas (and Christmess) memo-ries

The Original Mommy Bloggers

An internet timeline pinpoints the first Mommy Blog as appearing in the spring of 2002, when Melinda Roberts began posting on TheMommyBlog.com. Well, I suppose if you consider the technical definition of Mommy Blogs as a “weblogs which feature commentary and discussions especially about home, family, and parenting,” this is about right. But if you… Continue reading The Original Mommy Bloggers