Was Mom a little bit racist? Am I?

In 1972, Michigan Judge Stephen Roth ruled in Bradley v. Millikin that the requirement to integrate the Detroit Public Schools could not be achieved within the geographical limits of the city. He ordered that the remedy should be a program of busing between inner city and suburban schools. Suburbia erupted with rage: protests, effigy hangings,… Continue reading Was Mom a little bit racist? Am I?

Language Matters

In July of 1979, Bob made history. After several years of protest from women’s groups – especially those around the gulf coast – Bob was the first male-name hurricane. Or perhaps himicane.  Jason Samenow provides an interesting history of this change, including the worries of many in the meteorological community that storms named after men… Continue reading Language Matters

Writing in and out of the Ivory Tower

A time out from the intrepid women I usually write about in this space to post about, well, me. And my life. And the life I would like to lead. And about Nicholas Kristof and the recent furor he has raised about the need for more professors to engage in meaningful public dialogue about important… Continue reading Writing in and out of the Ivory Tower