A small part of women’s history

I met Nan last fall when she took the initiative to start a book club in my condo building. On that first Thursday afternoon, we nibbled on snacks, sipped wine, and got to know each other a bit before starting our discussion of Unbroken. I was talking to Nan about my book project involving women… Continue reading A small part of women’s history

Consciousness Raising on the Women’s Pages

Kathie Sarachild was a powerful voice in the fledgling women’s movement of the 1960s. She coined the phrase Sisterhood is Powerful. She held the Women’s Liberation banner aloft at the protest of the 1968 Miss America Pageant. She gave the keynote speech when the New York Radical Women held a “burial of traditional womanhood” at… Continue reading Consciousness Raising on the Women’s Pages

Equality in the Newsroom? Not so much

Marj Paxson’s first job was with the United Press wire service in Omaha, Nebraska during World War II. It was there she had her first brush with sexual harassment, fighting off the advances of a clerk at the Nebraska Supreme Court.   Twice during her career, Marj was demoted when the section she was capably… Continue reading Equality in the Newsroom? Not so much

A Woman of her Times

Do great women and men drive the trajectory of society or does the historical context exercise a powerful grip that molds the actions of individuals? Social theorists such as Georg Wilhelm Hegel and Karl Marx have argued that historical context can wield an overwhelming influence – even a great thinker such as Aristotle, they suggest,… Continue reading A Woman of her Times

Some Words from Dad

Today would have been my Dad’s 88th birthday. He was born in 1925 in rural Illinois, served in the infantry during the final World War II battles in Western Europe, returned to complete college at the University of Illinois, and had a successful career as a newspaperman, mostly spent as news editor at the Detroit… Continue reading Some Words from Dad

The Editors

Vivian Castleberry - an influential women's editor - at her typewriter Those were turbulent times, the 60s and 70s. Civil rights. Vietnam. Assassinations. Woodstock. Watergate. And then there were those pesky women. Feminists, second wavers, or – worst of all – libbers. They were gathering in consciousness raising groups across the country. They were reveling… Continue reading The Editors