Diving Down the Rabbit Hole

When Alice went down the rabbit hole, she found a wonderland of bizarre characters and strange goings-on she had never dreamed of experiencing. At one point, she talks to the Cheshire Cat for navigational assistance.   Alice: Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here? The Cheshire Cat: That depends… Continue reading Diving Down the Rabbit Hole

Thirty Five Years of Conferences

In May of 1982, I was a twenty-three year old master's student attending my first academic conference. Held at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston, it was the annual convention of the International Communication Association and I was the fourth (maybe fifth? maybe sixth?) author on a paper about "the process of studying process in… Continue reading Thirty Five Years of Conferences


I’ve been pretty busy lately. I’m commuting between Tacoma, Washington and Phoenix for my final semester of teaching at ASU. I’m in the middle of my term as editor for a major journal in the communication discipline. I’m working with five doctoral students as they take their comprehensive exams and write dissertations. I’m preparing for… Continue reading #amwriting

My New Challenge – Creative Nonfiction

I’ve written a lot in the last three decades. My curriculum vitae lists 41 published articles, 21 book chapters, dozens of conference papers, and assorted book reviews and “other” publications. And then there are two textbooks, one that’s one its seventh edition and counting. And my book, War Makes Men of Boys, that tracked my… Continue reading My New Challenge – Creative Nonfiction

Writing about family – Whose story is it?

My mother found a lot of ways to refer to her four daughters during the decades she wrote her weekly newspaper column. Often we were an undifferentiated brood—the girls. When we were specifically called out it might be by birth order, year in school, size, or even Girl Scout rank. So at various times, I… Continue reading Writing about family – Whose story is it?